Engagement with the private sector is one of the main pillars of MATARAT Holding Company's strategy "RISE 2025". Therefore, we are always working to create a solid and stronger relationship with our vendors/partners and take this relationship to maximize when it’s come to efficiency and effectiveness. 
To achieve this goal, an automated system for managing supplier relationships has been worked on; it lays down the foundation for a solid and transparent relationship built on vendors' good performance and efficient communication channels. It is the tool for bridging the distances between MATARAT and its Vendors/Partners.

We invite you to start the registration and pre-qualification process; By clicking the below button (Register) and fill all the necessary information. 
After registration; You will be notified by e-mail with the username and password to access the supplier portal. 

For more information on the registration and pre-qualification steps, please read our (Supplier Registration Guide )

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In order to Login to the supplier portal, please click here