The CEO of MATARAT Holding Eng. Moaeed Alsaloom launches today the new ERP system for the holding company under the name "iBRIDGE."

This project is an extension of the company's new strategy to promote and improve work mechanisms in the airport sector, particularly in the civil aviation sector.

This project aims to improve work efficiency and facilitate procedures and decision-making within a unified system by automating the Procurement, Financial, and Human Resource Processes.

The launch of the system came in two phases. The First phase included focusing on the most important key internal procedures related to (Procurement, Finance, and Human Capital) departments, making it easier for the employee to work from anywhere and at any time in the simplest way possible.

The second phase includes working on all other services across the different departments to streamline, standardize and improve MATARAT Holding business processes, generate managerial and functional reports that enable management to take corrective actions regularly. Besides enhancing enterprise consolidation processes, measure business units' performance against plans and budgets, besides other functional benefits and outcomes.

The CEO of the company also praised all the efforts made, expressing his thanks to all the working team involved in this project and all departments for their dedication to work despite the current circumstances that are going through the world economy in general, and the airport sector in particular, and he stressed that our interest and determination that we derive from our kingdom leadership would overcome all circumstances, and it will increase our determination to work to the best of our energies; To achieve our ambitions for a bright future.